Commands - Bizkit



CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
adminroleMANAGE_GUILDChange the Admin Roleb!adminrole <role>
disableMANAGE_GUILDDisable commands or categoriesb!disable <todisable>
enableMANAGE_GUILDEnable commands or categoriesb!enable <toenable>
filterMod or MANAGE_MESSAGESUpdate the Filter Configurationb!filter <action> <phrase>
joinleavejoinleave, welcomemessagesMANAGE_CHANNELSConfigure Welcome and Goodbye messages.b!joinleave <subcommand> <input>
logginglogging, logs, logMANAGE_GUILDMANAGE_GUILDChanges the Logging Channelb!logging <subcommand> <category> <channel>
modroleMANAGE_GUILDChange the Mod Roleb!modrole <role>
muteroleMANAGE_GUILDChanges the muted user role, this setting is required if you want to use the `mute` and `unmute` commands.b!muterole <role>
prefixMANAGE_GUILDChange my prefixb!prefix <prefix>
starboardMANAGE_GUILDUpdate configuration for the Starboardb!starboard <action> <channel>
ticketingMANAGE_GUILDConfigure ticketsb!ticketing <action> <value>
verificationMANAGE_GUILDConfigure user verificationb!verification <action> <value>
voicelobbiesUpdate the voice lobbies configurationb!voicelobbies <subcommand> <channel>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
8ballAsk the Magic 8 Ball a question!b!8ball <question>
akinatorPlay with Akinator the Genie.b!akinator
coinflipcoinflip, flip, flipacoin, flipcoinFlips a coinb!coinflip


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
helphelp, commandsShows a list of avaliable commandsb!help <command|category>
inviteinvite, invInvite me to your server!b!invite
memberinfomemberinfo, minfoGet information about a memberb!memberinfo <member>
pingCheck bot latencyb!ping
serverinfoserverinfo, sinfoGet information about the serverb!serverinfo
statsGets bot statsb!stats
supportProvides a link to the Support Server.b!support


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
banBAN_MEMBERSBAN_MEMBERSBan a memberb!ban <member> <reason>
disconnectMod or MOVE_MEMBERSMOVE_MEMBERSDisconnect users that are in a channelb!disconnect <member> <reason>
kickKICK_MEMBERSKICK_MEMBERSKick a memberb!kick <member> <reason>
lockMod or MANAGE_CHANNELSMANAGE_CHANNELSLock a channelb!lock <channel>
movemove, dragMod or MOVE_MEMBERSMOVE_MEMBERSMove a Member into a different voice channelb!move <member> <channel>
muteMod or MANAGE_ROLESMANAGE_ROLESMutes a memberb!mute <member> <length> <reason>
mutesmutes, showmutesMod or MANAGE_ROLESShow a Member's mutesb!mutes <member>
purgeMod or MANAGE_MESSAGESMANAGE_MESSAGESDeletes user messagesb!purge <count> <member>
unbanBAN_MEMBERSBAN_MEMBERSUnban a memberb!unban <member> <reason>
unlockMod or MANAGE_CHANNELSMANAGE_CHANNELSUnlock a channelb!unlock <channel>
unmuteMod or MANAGE_ROLESMANAGE_ROLESUnmute a memberb!unmute <member>
warnMod or MANAGE_MESSAGESWarn a Memberb!warn <member> <reason>
warnswarns, showwarnsMod or MANAGE_MESSAGESShow a Member's warnsb!warns <member>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
fastforwardfastforward, ffFasts Forward in a songb!fastforward <seconds>
pausePauses the currently playing songb!pause
playplay, pSPEAK, CONNECTPlay music into your Voice Channel! Enter a search query, youtube, or spotify url!b!play <song>
queuequeue, nowplayingGets the Song Queueb!queue
repeatrepeat, loopLoops the currently playing songb!repeat <on|off>
rewindrewind, rwRewind a songb!rewind <seconds>
seekSeeks to a position in the currently playing songb!seek <position>
skipskip, sSkips the currently playing songb!skip <track>
stopStops the currently playing songb!stop
volumevolume, volChanges the volume of the currently playing songb!volume <volume>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
analSee Analb!anal
assSee Assb!ass
bdsmSee BDSMb!bdsm
blowjobSee Blowjobb!blowjob
boobsSee Boobsb!boobs
cumslutSee Cumslutsb!cumslut
lesbianSee Lesbianb!lesbian
pussypussy, clitSee Pussyb!pussy
thighsSee Thighsb!thighs
trapstraps, trapSee Trapsb!traps


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
doasdoas, sudoOwner or Run a command as another memberb!doas <member> <command>
evalOwner or Evaluate some JavaScriptb!eval <code>
leaveOwner or Make me leave a guildb!leave <guild>
sayOwner or Make the me repeat what you sayb!say <response>
statusOwner or Change my statusb!status <type> <status>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
githubGets a repository on GitHubb!github <repo>
npmSearch NPM for a packageb!npm <package>
steamsteam, steamidGet the profile information from a SteamID or a Vanity URLb!steam <input>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
addmemberMANAGE_CHANNELSAdds a member to the current ticketb!addmember <member>
closeclose, closeticketMANAGE_CHANNELSCloses the current ticketb!close
ticketticket, newticketMANAGE_CHANNELS, MANAGE_MESSAGESOpen a new ticketb!ticket
removememberMANAGE_CHANNELSRemoves a member from the current ticketb!removemember <member>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
usmapUnited States Map Triviab!usmap


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
avataravatar, ava, pfpGet's the user's avatar or the person who is mentioned.b!avatar <user>
colorGenerates an image of a color from your input.b!color <hexcode>
enlargeMake an emoji biggerb!enlarge <emoji>
pollpoll, makepoll, newpoll, createpollMANAGE_MESSAGESMakes a pollb!poll <question> <choice1> <choice2>
qrcodeqrcode, qrGenerate a QR Code from inputted textb!qrcode <content>
stealemojistealemoji, stealemoteSteal an emote from another serverb!stealemoji <emoji>